Why Ice Cubes Are Great But Ice Globes Are Better

Why Ice Cubes Are Great But Ice Globes Are Better

Have you ever experienced the frustration of applying ice cubes to your skin for a soothing ‘pick me up’, but instead of a calming facial, you end up stuck with a pool of melted ice? All you had wanted was to close your eyes, sit back and enjoy the massage and not have to take extra time from your morning to clean up a mess. We all love the way our skin appears younger, tighter and taut after placing ice cubes on our face as it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the skin’s texture and tone. The downside? Due to our body temperature and the surrounding environment, ice cubes quickly begin to melt leaving a wet mess (usually dripping down your face!). Once you dry up the puddles you’re off to grab a couple more cubes which will melt shortly after, repeating this disastrous cycle. If you want all the benefits of cold ice massaged onto your skin without the watery mess, then maybe it’s time you check out ice globes and see for yourself just how amazing they are!


These glass orbs belong in every beauty babe’s mini skincare fridge. If you’re looking for younger, brighter, tighter skin, then this is just what you need. Due to the many skin care benefits glass orbs provide, it’s a popular choice for those with acneic issues,  inflammatory skin issues, and anti-aging. The best part is, it’s a great investment as it really  benefits all skin types, with its cold and soothing feel. 


Ice orbs are a great tool for those relaxing spa nights when you’re looking forward to a cool facial massage, especially when paired with a soothing and refreshing sheet mask.                                                                 

Helping in the absorption of products and their active ingredients, ice globes allow for a much deeper penetration of the skin, giving you optimal results as skincare products can now work more thoroughly.

Other ideas to use ice globes for:


Tightens the skin and minimizes pores with its cold temperature.

Reduces redness and inflammation with the smooth and cool feel on the skin.

Helps enhance circulation while constricting blood vessels.

Creates brighter looking skin while inflammation is reduced, better blood flow, and oxygen is improved.

Promotes lymphatic drainage when regularly rolled in a downward motion towards your heart.

With all the stress in our everyday life, the lack of sleep, and other factors that affect the overall look and feel of our skin, why wouldn’t you want to bring the healthy glow and luster back? Having the ability to have your own cryo facial in the comfort of your own home without the messy cleanup is possible when performed with these ice globes replacing the old approach of ice cubes on the face. Every night you should store your glass orb in a skincare mini fridge, and wake up to a chilled and refreshing ‘pick me up’. So before you begin your morning skin care regimen by applying products to your cleansed face, take a few minutes to get that blood circulating and brighten up that tired skin! A healthier looking complexion is just a ‘roll’ away!

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